Servage Web Hosting

Servage Web Hosting

Postby Guest » 07 Apr 2009, 02:17

If you have a business web site that requires Mysql support, do not use Servage. If you want 100% reliability and an honest admission of downtime, don't use Servage. However, storage is excellent and I have no issues with using Servage for standard web pages as long as they don't require a database back end. Support is crude and automated so don't expect to speak to someone who can understand your problem. If you choose Servage you're on your own. That being said, being aware of the problem is half of the battle, and as long as you're prepared to fix things yourself, you'll find a way. (Although this tends to be a very high maintainence option!) They have extremely busy periods on Friday for some weird reason and Will (and I repeat) Will tell you that your site is running fine despite the fact that your customers cannot access your page. They will then ask you to back-up your database and move it to another servage server. In some cases this improves speed, in others it makes it worse. At the end of the day just remember the golden rule, you get what you pay for! I have now moved all my databases to another host and have yet to see any downtime or any major issues with speed. NB: Back-up regularly as they are prone to virus attacks. No data loss, but a lot of clearing up to do in your index files.

Re: Servage Web Hosting

Postby Guest » 07 Apr 2009, 02:18

These guys are jokes

stay away, 10 downtimes per week, database extremely slow that timeout all the time.

I lost lot of business because of them :-(

useless support.

I went to hostgator, much better

Re: Servage Web Hosting

Postby Guest » 07 Apr 2009, 02:20

I am a new customer with, but in this few month I had only problems.

1. all email functions not gone since the update 11/2008
2. the database is without control
3. the support is a very 'lite' version

I red the foren and see that I am not lonely. I wrote this my host, the answer was
...we know that and we work on this but the percent of unsatisfit customers in relation of the
all rest the same. That means 100 95% = 5 not
satisfit 100.000 95% = 5000 not satisfit, seems that can handle this.

For static stuff is perhaps good but not for stuff that need to send and move.

Re: Servage Web Hosting

Postby Guest » 07 Apr 2009, 02:21

I use 13 other hosts and have been with Servage for a year now. Support is 'polite' and pointless. All screwups are due to 'enhancements' by them. Security is non-existent. To get attention from the actual technical staff (administrators etc and not an idiot response from support ticket staff) takes months and issues are never resolved, (at least up to this time). I've never experienced anything as bad as this from any other host, past or current.

Re: Servage Web Hosting

Postby Guest » 07 Apr 2009, 02:22

Technically speaking servage are ok, they offer access to most things you'd want. Their downfall comes from very very bad support when things go wrong, poor billing, poor uptime and very highly priced domain registration.

They trasnferred a .fr domain for me and did not inform of any charges when communicating, they then waiting 3 weeks before telling me I was due a payment, they told me it must be paid within 15 days. Upon hearing this I was already angered, but begun arranging a payment (which within a Plc company requires a fair bit of admin) so it took me 6 days, by which time they'd cut off the account despite stating 15 days grace period.

Con-men and time wasters is how I'd describe them, avoid at all costs.

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